The Orgel:App introduces the innovative Hamburg Nikolai organ as an instrument of the future. Sound and video examples as well as construction plans and an archive of concert programs provide unprecedented insights into the creation process of a hyper-organ of the 21st century and into the rich and diverse concert life of the main church of St. Nikolai at Klosterstern.
How many hours were needed to build this instrument with its 7,279 pipes? What is the length in kilometers of the mechanical connecting parts between the console and pipes? How can the organist operate the integrated percussion stops (snare drum, bass drum, gongs, etc.)?
In the multimedia app, you will find, among other things:
- Facts about organ building at St. Nikolai
- Disposition (combination of sound colors)
- Construction plans of the Nikolai organ
- Videos about organ building, intonation, fundraising, and much more
- Information about the innovative elements of the new organ
- Concert programs and options for buying tickets.

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